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Panopto boycott: a practical guide

Following our motion on the 12th November to support Action Short of Strike action through the dispute period BUCU is calling on all members to remove all Panopto recordings relating to the dispute period (25th November 2019 to 29th April 2020) and not to upload any new recordings during that period. This is especially crucial during the strike action itself as Panopto recordings can be used as a means to break the strike. We have, however, advised members to make available any recordings to disabled students by providing them with a unique link to any existing recordings.

In taking down your recordings you may need to make it clear that you are not comfortable with any video or audio recordings of you being used at any point during the dispute to colleagues who may inadvertently upload them in your absence. It is your legal right to request for any such recordings to be removed and you should report to BUCU if anyone refuses to take down any recordings of you or makes use of any recordings of you without your permission as this will be a breach of statutory duty (under the Copyright and Related Right Regulations 1996).

You may also want to only temporarily take down recordings so that you can make them available in the future. The easiest way to do this is to remove the Panopto link from any Canvas pages where you have used it. However, this will not prevent anyone with the links from accessing the recordings, so you must also change the privacy settings on the recording itself. This can be done in Panopto by selecting ‘manage recordings and clicking on the ‘share’ option:


You should then see the following. Beneath ‘who has access’ you should click on the main drop down, in this case it says ‘anyone with link’:


You should change the settings to ‘specific people’ with the padlock sign beside it:


To make the recording available to students with disabilities or unique circumstances you should type their email address in the ‘invite people’ box and click send. This should notify them via email and generate a unique link.


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