Members of the BUCU Committee

Officers and Committee Members 2021-22

Branch President

David Bailey, POLSIS (CoSS), Ext: 42991, david_bailey231 @

Vice President (Pensions)

Andrew Olson, Psychology (LES),

Branch Secretary

Anke Buttner, Psychology (LES),

Honorary Treasurer

Tony Potter, Planning Office, (PS) Ext: 43757, tony_m_potter @

Anti-casualisation Officer 

Joe Baker,

Equality Officer

Harj Kaur, MDS, harjka @

Anti-racism Officer

Mohan Sridharan, Computer Science (EPS), mhnsrdhrn @

Casework Co-ordinator

For union advice and/or support, please contact:

Membership Secretary

Paula Anne Goodall,  Academic Skills Center (PS)

Social Media Officer

James Brackley, Business School (CoSS),

Committee Members (additional to those listed above)

Andra Craig, Law (CAL),

Iran Mansouri, Computer Science (EPS), iran.mansoori85 @

The following officer positions are currently vacant:

Assistant Secretary, Communications Officer, Environmental Officer, Health and Safety Officer, Migrant Workers Officer, Pensions Officer, Socials Officer, Student Liaison Officer.

If you are interested in taking up any of the above posts or would like further information contact: