Members of the BUCU Committee

Officers and Committee Members 2020-21

Branch President

David Bailey, POLSIS (CoSS), Ext: 42991,

Branch Secretary

James Brackley, Business School (CoSS), Ext: 58439,

Assistant Secretary

Carl Jones, POLSIS (CoSS),

Anti-casualisation Officer (shared role)

Ioana Cerasella Chis, POLSIS (CoSS),

Ellie Munro, Social Policy Sociology and Criminology (CoSS)

Joseph Ward, POLSIS (CoSS)

Health and Safety Officer (shared role)

Francis Clarke, College of Engineering and Physical Science, Ext: 48236,

Dr Warren Eastwood, School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences (CLES), 48079,

Honorary Treasurer

Tony Potter, Planning Office, Ext: 43757,

Casework Co-ordinator

Owen Thompson, Estates, Ext: 47432

For union advice and/or support, please contact our Branch Administrator, Mr Russ Whitfield, either by email at or by telephone on 0121 414 6895. Russ will then put you in touch with one of our Personal Case Advisors.

Committee Members (additional to those listed above)

Dr Alison Cooper, Institute of Clinical Sciences (CMDS), Ext: 44510,

Amarjit Sathi, IT Services, Ext: 44769,

Dr Carole J. Sparke, IT Services, Ext: 43053,

Iran Mansouri, Computer Science (EPS),

Nathan Critch, POLSIS (CoSS),

Mairead Enright, Law (CAL)

Niall Gallen, EDACS (CAL)

Jeanne Morefield, POSIS (CoSS)

Sandy Gould, Computer Science (EPS)

Mohan Sridharan, Computer Science (EPS)

Tom Cutterham, History (CAL)

Jack Carter, Student Services

Hamish Hei-Man Yeung, Chemistry (EPS), Ext: 48811,

Nicola Ward, Social Work and Social Care (CoSS)

Bradley Ward, POLSIS (CoSS)

Courtney Campbell, History (CAL)

The following officer positions are currently vacant:

Vice President

[Vacant post]

Equality Officer

[Vacant post]

Anti-racism Officer

[Vacant post]

Migrant Workers Officer

[Vacant post]

Pensions Officer

[Vacant post]

Membership Secretary

[Vacant post]

Environmental Officer

[Vacant post]

Student Liaison Officer

[Vacant post]

Communications Officer / Social Media Officer

[Vacant post(s)]

Social Officer

[Vacant post]