UCU graphic of three fists representing the UCU Pay, Casualisation, Workload and Equality ballot

Action Short of Strike Action at the University of Birmingham: Motion 12.11.19

Proposed at GMM 12.11.2019

Employers have been notified by UCU that action short of strike action (ASOS) is set to run from 25th Nov through to the end of the ballot mandate on 29th April if no settlement to the dispute is reached. As per the national notice ASOS should consist of:

  1. working to contract;
  2. not covering for absent colleagues;
  3. not rescheduling lectures or classes cancelled due to strike action;
  4. not sharing materials relating to lectures or classes cancelled as a result of strike action;
  5. not undertaking any voluntary activities.

This motion calls on all BUCU members to fully engage in the above ASOS during the dispute period. In particular, we note that lecture capture using Panopto is a voluntary activity, and we therefore call on all members not to upload Panopto recordings during the dispute period and call upon members to remove any existing Panopto recordings during the dispute period.

Removing Panopto links can be done by taking them down from Canvas and/or by changing the privacy settings on the recording. Step by step guidance will be given to show members how to update the privacy settings on your recordings. This will show you how to make the recordings available to individual students only, for example by creating unique links that you can share where a student has a disability or access issue.

This motion also calls on BUCU to share a standard announcement that members can share on Canvas, which will notify students of the strike action, the removal of Panopto, where to find out more information on the dispute, and how to get involved.

Proposed by BUCU Committee


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