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Help us calculate the costs of casualisation

Insecure employment is endemic at University of Birmingham. For example, in 2016 The Guardian found 70% of teaching staff at the University of Birmingham were on insecure contracts, the highest in the Russell Group. But what does it feel like to be working on an insecure contract and what costs do they have on both staff and their work. UCU has developed a new online survey with the aim of finding this out.

A survey for all staff

UCU wants to hear from all staff on insecure contracts in higher education, not just UCU members. Please encourage friends and colleagues who aren’t (yet) UCU members.

Insecure or casual employment takes many forms at the University of Birmingham, from teaching staff employed on a zero-hours contract, through to ‘Work Link’ agency staff and staff employed on fixed term contracts of differing lengths.

Insecure employment isn’t just an issue for academic staff. Academic-related and support staff are also affected by the rise of fixed term and ‘flexible’ working and are encouraged to share their experiences, too.

To complete the survey, please follow the link:

The costs of casualisation survey

Concerned about casualisation? Take action!

Staff working on an insecure contract are encouraged to join PrecariousBrum, the new self-organised group for casualised staff at the University of Birmingham.

Birmingham UCU asks all members, whether they are employed on a casual basis or an officially ‘secure’ contract to show solidarity with casualised staff. The best way to do this is by voting Yes and Yes in the current UCU Pay and Equality re-ballot.

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