Heart Unions graphic with examples of benefits union members have helped secure

5 ways you can support HeartUnions week

This week, 11 – 17 February, is HeartUnions week, a week of activity throughout England and Wales that focuses on the good work that unions do, and shows how unions offer everyone a voice at work. Here are some ideas for how you can get involved.

  1. Vote in the UCU Pay and Equality re-ballot. We’re calling on members to vote Yes in the ballot to secure a fair pay rise (average pay is down by 21% since 2009) and meaningful.  progress on tackling casualisation, excessive workloads and the gender pay gap.
  2. Join a union (if you’re already a member of one yet). Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re already a member of UCU or one of the other campus trade unions (UNISON, UNITE or GMB).
  3. Sign the TUC petition calling for a ban on zero-hours contracts. This year’s HeartUnions action focuses on zero-hours contracts. 46% of universities use zero hours contracts to deliver teaching and 68% of research staff in higher education are on fixed term contracts, with many more dependent on short-term funding for continued employment. Please sign the petition to help end insecure employment/ If you’ve got time, please also email your MP, asking them to “pledge to ban zero-hours contracts”.
  4. Encourage your colleagues, friends, family to join a union. Unions helped secure the rights we have today at work and are crucial to ensuring the future of work is one we’d all like to live in. HeartUnions weeks is a good opportunity to talk about the positive contribution unions make and to encourage the people in your life to  join a union.
  5. Share the TUC’s HeartUnions video. The TUC has produced an excellent short video for HeartUnions week. If you’re on social media, please share the video via Facebook and Twitter. You can also download the video via the BUCU Dropbox account and share it directly with your contacts on WhatsApp or email.

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