Management practices at University of Birmingham

This branch is distraught about the top down approach to people management as a continuing issue impacting on the health, wellbeing, performance, and morale of staff at the University of Birmingham.

Over the last two years the elected branch negotiators have been trying to negotiate an agreed performance management system based on a branch approved position statement but the University has failed to engage with BUCU in a professional and constructive way. Concomitantly, the University implemented and continued performance management practices that were neither discussed with nor agreed by BUCU.

Image result for birmingham university clock tower photoThis branch notes with great concern that a “PIP” has been put in place based on a score that entails REF grading of publications, grant applications/capture, PGR supervision, WAM data, and MEQ data. BUCU rejects this unilaterally imposed  “PIP”. This branch objects against the use of WAM data, REF criteria, student MEQ data, and grant capture in any form of performance management.

This branch is very alarmed about performance records being created secretly and behind the back of staff and that these records are reduced to a few un-negotiated performance criteria while a majority of duties and competencies remain unconsidered. This branch does not accept the top down approach including the use of dubious evidence compiled by senior management handed down to Heads of Schools who are then instructed to put unfairly selected and targeted staff through very stressful performance management procedures irrespective of their competencies, overall duties and achievements and irrespective of how they contribute to their School.

This branch objects against the implementation of performance management procedures outside the negotiated and agreed PDR system.

This branch has come to the conclusion that the University has intentionally maintained regular meetings with BUCU in order to mislead BUCU.  As such, this branch does not believe any longer that the University has been negotiating with BUCU in good faith to resolve the issues around performance management at the University of Birmingham but  has breached the implied duty of trust and confidence.

University of Birmingham branch of UCU,
Annual General Meeting, 21 June 2017

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