Top 10 BUCU blog posts of 2012

2012 was an eventful year for the BUCU blog. So, inspired by the Times Higher 2012 top 10, in which UoB was featured in both the third and fourth most viewed articles for the year, we thought we’d summarise here the most popular BUCU blog posts for the year:

10. The right to protest

In response to controversial attempts by the University of Birmingham senior management to quell dissent on campus, BUCU adopted this resolution declaring its solidarity with all staff and students targeted for protesting.

9. MEQs

BUCU adopted a resolution criticising the MEQ system being introduced at the University of Birmingham. The resolution sets out key flaws in the attempt by UoB to quantify performance, and to discipline and punish lecturers via MEQs. The resolution has also subsequently been adopted as national policy by UCU.

8. Proposed changes to Staff Development Review

With ongoing concerns amongst UoB staff members over the proposed moves to a Performance and Development Review, this post sets out the branch negotiating position with regard to PDR.

7. Challenges to some assumptions about the proposed MEQs at UoB

Full details of the critique of MEQs. The critique aims to make explicit some of the assumptions underlying the introduction of this MEQ and to challenge them with reference to relevant research evidence.

6. Dazed and Confused: Professor Eastwood praises Flagship IAA projects – (whilst College of Arts and Law put the same staff at threat of redundancy!)

At the graduation ceremony on the 9th of July, Vice Chancellor Professor David Eastwood gave a speech extolling the virtues of several archaeological projects – BUCU sought to point out that his speech contradicted the views of the recent College review which bizarrely recommended redundancies for those who had worked to create those projects.

5. Blackout at Birmingham: An Update from Classics and Ancient History

Outlining the puzzling decision to propose redundancies for one quarter of the Classics and Ancient History team at UoB.

4. Staff aggrieved as University of Birmingham leaves Archaeology in ruins

Details of the grievance submitted by staff in Archaeology in University of Birmingham – which was controversially responded to as part of the consultation process, rather than through the standard grievance procedure, and in a way that was far from satisfactory for those submitting the grievance.

3. Compulsory redundancies

A resolution adopted in January 2012, outlining BUCU’s opposition to compulsory redundancies whilst UoB was running an operating surplus – which has continually informed BUCU’s negotiations with UoB management throughout 2012 and looks set to inform a ballot for industrial action in January 2013.

2. Who’s misinforming whom? – Save the IAA

A response to claims by University of Birmingham management that the campaign against the closure of the IAA was resulting in “misinformation in the public domain”.

1. The University of Birmingham “throws in the trowel” – as College buries Archaeology!

This post – setting out UoB’s plans to close the IAA, and BUCU’s opposition to the proposed closure – was way out in the lead as most-read blog post for 2012.

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