BUCU position on the proposed ‘Open Day’ of Action against Course Closures and Staff Reductions

The University of Birmingham branch of the University and College Union understands and agrees with the reasons for the proposed ‘Open Day’ of Action against Course Closures and Staff Reductions, planned for 24 November at the University of Birmingham.

Our higher education system is under a sustained attack that will turn the clock back on generations of social progress, democratic advance and educational achievement. This proposed action is an inspiration to staff and students seeking to oppose these vicious attacks.

This branch believes that student and staff dissent is particularly well founded at present, given the University of Birmingham’s consistent and unreasonable approach to redundancies and course closures.

This branch stands in solidarity with and will actively campaign to support any member of the University community (staff or student) who is targeted by the University management for expressing legitimate dissent.

University of Birmingham UCU

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