Supporting Indian farmers: solidarity motion

Why are thousands of Indian farmers protesting? | Agriculture News | Al  Jazeera

This branch of UCU recognises that:

Since November 2020, Indian farmers and their supporters have taken strike action and blocked access to Delhi and other major cities across India to demonstrate against three new laws which will have devastating effects on their livelihoods.

On 26 November 2020, more than 250 million workers and farmers took part in the largest nationwide general strike in labour history and on 9 December the country was brought to a standstill by a National Shutdown.

The farmers and workers came together and issued a joint trade union charter of demands:

The demands included direct cash transfer of US $ 101 to all families who earn less the income tax threshold, 10 kg of free rations per month to all in need, expansion of Rural Employment guarantee from current 100 days to 200 days’ work in the rural areas, the withdrawal of all anti-worker labour code changes and anti-farmer laws, stop privatisation and corporatisation of government run enterprises and provide pension for all.

War on Want and some of the leading figures, in the Trade Union movement in UK have joined together and issued a statement of support.

This branch resolves to endorse their statement of support.

This branch will also send a message of support together with a monetary donation to the organisation of the farmers and workers engaged in the actions in support of their charter.

This branch also will put a resolution to the Birmingham Trades Council asking to publish in full the charter issued by the farmers and trade unions in India on Birmingham TUC social media and to hold a meeting with invited speakers from the farmers and others to discuss the international implications of the position taken by the Indian workers and farmers organisations.

Corporatisation, privatisation and anti-trade union laws also impact us here in the UK and as there is a sizable community from the sub-continent living in Birmingham, we should encourage the Birmingham Trades Council to make links with the Trade Unions in India on the charter and to send a resolution of support to the Indian Trades Unions as an act of international solidarity and build relationships with Indian Trade Unions where these issues can be shared.

Resolution adopted 23 February 2021

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