Branch Resolution: Solidarity with Osime Brown

Resolution passed at GMM: 18.11.2020

Solidarity with Osime Brown

Osime Brown is 22 years old facing deportation from his home and family in Birmingham. He is autistic and dyslexic, and due to his time in care has since been diagnosed with PTSD, and suffers with depression.

Osime was jailed in 2018 over the theft of a phone, despite a witness for the defence stating Osime had not taken the phone he got 5 year’s in prison under the Joint Enterprise Law. It was then ordered that upon his release he be taken to a detention centre and be deported to Jamaica.

As a result of the #StopTheDeportation campaign and an appeal by his solicitor’s Osime was not taken to the detention centre  upon his release due to his ill health, he is now home, yet still awaits deportation.


  1. To encourage BUCU members to support the #StopTheDeportation petition, which can be found here:
  2. That BUCU will share this petition and motion on its social media and call on other UCU branches to do the same.

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