Statement From UCU Black Members Network – Shared and Fully Endorsed by BUCU

On Friday 5th June the BUCU Committee resolved to forward the following statement from the UCU Black Members Network and the resources that can be accessed below to our membership. The links and text below was circulated via our e-mail list on Monday 8th June.

Text of the BUCU Email

We are forwarding the following message from Dharminder Chuhan, UCU Black Members’ Officer, which includes a statement from the UCU Black Members Network.

UCU has published a statement which you can find – along with a petition, information about donation and solidarity actions – on their website: BUCU committee members have suggested some resources, tools and events to fight racism and support Black Lives Matter:

How to Support Black Lives in the UK, including a template email to MPs, campaigning groups, petitions, donation pages and readings.

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources, including podcasts, fiction, articles and actions:

Birmingham Peaceful Protest for BLACK LIVES, 19 June 2020, Victoria Square, Birmingham:


You will all be aware of the brutal murder of George Floyd, which took place in Minneapolis over a week ago. George Floyd’s death has been met with an outpouring of anger and despair across the globe. The timing of this deplorable act during the current pandemic has shone a light on racism across the world.

There have been protest marches in the West Midlands too. For example, there was an event in Victoria Square on Thursday 4 June.

UCU Black Members Network Statement

The following statement has been sent on behalf of the Black Members Network:

We condemn the vicious, racist murder of George Floyd. We stand in solidarity with George Floyd’s family, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and in solidarity with all communities across the world who have condemned this act.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected BME communities resulting in a higher proportion of deaths. With the UK, coming out of lockdown the death rate amongst BME communities will inevitably increase.

We call on all trade unionists to prioritise the fight to defend our communities against racist attacks and to defend BME communities during the pandemic. We also call for renewed funding of education to deliver hope and understanding in the place of the ignorance and hatred that flourishes when educational opportunity is denied.

Enough is enough! Doing nothing is not an option. Smash racism wherever it occurs. It has no place in the world.

George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and all BME educators we stand with you.


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