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Sign the pledge to boycott Edgbaston Park Hotel

At our GMM members meeting on 9th October 2019 we passed unanimously a motion to boycott the University’s new Edgbaston Hotel and Conference Park subsidiary company (including Lucas House, Garth House, Peter Scott, and Horton Grange) due to the University having outsourced all staff at reduced pay and with inferior terms and conditions.

We therefore ask every member of staff at the University of Birmingham to commit to the following pledge:
Sign the pledge! Boycott the Edgbaston Park Hotel

Sign the pledge! Boycott Edgaston Park Hotel!

We are working with UNISON UoB on this campaign to make sure that the University do the right thing and end the exploitative and abusive practices we are seeing in the Hotel. Together with UNISON we are calling on the University to bring all outsourced staff back in-house so that everyone on campus works under the same terms and conditions and pay, but we need your support to make this happen!

By signing the above pledge you will be committing to not attend or organise any events at the University of Birmingham’s Edgbaston Park Hotel (including Lucas House, Garth House, Peter Scott, and Horton Grange) until all outsourced workers (cleaners, receptionists, hospitality, catering, security and maintenance workers) are transferred to the University of Birmingham as direct employees on equal pay and terms and conditions with all other University of Birmingham staff.

Help spread the word

The website also includes a solidarity motion for branches, party groups, research groups and other organisations to pass, in solidarity with the campaign. We encourage members to pass this motion through any parties or groups they are a member of and email their elected representatives, asking them to support the boycott!

If you’re on social media, please let people know you support the boyott by using the hashtag #BoycottEPH.

Sign the pledge! Boycott Edgaston Park Hotel!

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