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Update on workload disputes in CoSS and CAL

Indicative ballots show support for strike action and action short of a strike in both the College of Social Sciences (CoSS) and the College of Arts and Law (CAL).

Our indicative ballot on the new workload proposals in CoSS is now closed and we are able to announce the results. There was a 52.1% turnout with a 71.1% vote in favour of strike action and an 83.5% vote in favour of action short of strike action, plus extensive qualitative feedback which will inform our discussions with the University.

This comes on the back of a similar ballot in CAL on new workload proposals, in which turnout was 67.8% with a 77.5% vote in favour of strike action and an 86.2% vote in favour of action short of strike action.

We will be presenting these results to the University at our next JNCC negotiating meeting. They clearly demonstrate a strong mandate for us to take forward in negotiations and sends a clear message that our members will not accept detrimental changes to their terms and conditions without appropriate consultation and agreement with their recognised trade union.

Should these changes be imposed on us, in breach of our trade union recognition agreement, BUCU will inform the University that staff will be working under protest until the differences are resolved.

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