Event: Come to Our University 2019

To mark the opening of the Green Heart, please join staff and students on Wednesday 5 June for Our University, an all day protest event to remind the VC and University management that this is our campus and #OurUniversity.

Our University supports staff and student campaigns on campus and a genuinely democratic university run by and for the people who make it the amazing place it is. Campaigns supported by Our University include:

  • Real living wage for all;
  • Divest from fossil fuel investments;
  • Proper funding for Mental Health services;
  • Decolonising the curriculum;
  • Accessible, affordable and safe student housing;
  • Safeguards for staff and students in Dubai and real support for LGBTQ rights;
  • Oppose the casualisation and marketisation of our education;
  • AND… bring back Guild Council and replace the Ideas system with something that’s not terrible so that we can make all of these awesome things actually happen;

Confirmed speakers & supporters include:

  • National President of UCU Nita Sanghera
  • NUS Disabled Students Officer Rachel O’Brien
  • NUS Black Students campaign
  • Disabled People Against Cuts
  • Disabled Students Association
  • Socialist Students & Marxist Students
  • UoB Fossil Free
  • UoB branches of UCU and UNISON
  • @PrecariousBrum

Confirmed performers & musicians include:

  • Banner Theatre Company
  • Josh Allen historian of community activism in Birmingham
  • UoB Music and Arts

Help spread the word

You can keep up-to-date with the latest developments with Our University on Facebook. Please consider sharing the event with your friends and colleagues so that more people can find out about what’s going on.

Our University Facebook event

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