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Event: Precarious Brum solidarity social for casualised staff, Wednesday 6 March

Are you a teaching fellow, research fellow, hourly-paid lecturer, GTA or fixed term contract staff? If so, you’re warmly invited Precarious Brum’s solidarity social for casualised staff which is happening after work next Wednesday (6 March).

Meet on campus at The Bratby bar from 6pm. The social is chance for casualised staff to get together. With an estimated 70% of teaching staff on some form of casual contract, you’ll be in good company!

Officially launched in January 2019, a new Twitter account under the banner of Precarious Brum emerged from self-organised casualised staff, seeking to lift the lid on the extent of precarious employment at UoB.

Find out more by following Precarious Brum on Twitter @PrecariousBrum

Want to safely share your experiences of being precariously employed at Birmingham?  Complete Precarious Brum’s anonymous online survey.

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