Resolution: local demands on equality, casualisation and job security

*Passed at the general members meeting on Thursday 27th September, 1pm, in Arts LR1*

The following demands are to be presented to the University as part of the 2018 pay negotiations, in line with the nationally agreed framework on equality, casualisation, and workload.

This resolution mandates officers to support these demands, together with any other demands agreed by the other campus trade unions, in these negotiations.

We will ask the University to commit to these in writing, with policies to be agreed with the relevant staff unions to be published on the University intranet.


  1. The University commits to drawing up an action plan to close the gender pay gap by 2020.
  2. The University address trade union concerns relating to the Dubai campus.
  3. The University commits to supporting the period dignity campaign.
  4. The University support non-EU and EU staff by providing certainty of employment status, and covering all visa fees and application costs necessary for their employment. This should also extend to providing financial support to staff and their families in achieving settled status after Brexit.

Casualisation and job security:

  1. The University recognise the 1,650 annualised hours (based on a 37.5 hour working week) for all teaching and research workload allocation models, and ensure that all hourly work is fully recognised and paid for on an equal basis.
  2. The University end all 9 month teaching and research contracts, ensuring a minimum length of 12 months for standard academic positions.
  3. The University ensure that all teaching staff, including postgraduates, are employed on full employment contracts, with the University as the recognised employer.
  4. For all teaching and research staff, full employment contracts should be drawn up with a clear description of the role of the job in question and offered before the start of term so that staff can be paid during the month that they start work.
  5. Where any member of staff has worked on fixed term contracts for more than 4 years the University must have a policy in place committing them to offering permanent contracts, as required by employment law.
  6. The University should guarantee that the opportunity to enrol on the University’s HEA accredited PGCHE will be made available to all teaching staff.
  7. Formal agreement that all casualised committee members of recognised trade unions are entitled to the same level of paid facilities time to carry out trade union duties as full time staff. This should be guaranteed and paid for the full University year (August to July) and should not be subject to completion of timesheets.


In addition to campaigning for the University to fully support and implement the national claim, or local equivalent, across the pay scales this resolution also calls for solidarity with UNISON in demanding the implementation of a 10:1 pay ratio between the highest and lowest paid at our University.


The following demands, together with a call for further submissions, were pushed back to the committee for more detailed review prior to the next general members meeting on  23rd October.


  1. The University provide 38 weeks of under 3s childcare to all staff, capped at a total cost of 10% of annual salary, by 2020.
  2. The University commits to ensuring 50% quotas for women and non-binary panel members on all appointment and promotion panels.

Casualisation and job security:

  1. An end to unreasonable marking deadlines for written assignments: Where modules involve 2,000 words or more and 40 students per tutor, or equivalent number of words (i.e. 80,000 words per tutor), then the standard marking deadline should be 20 working days unless additional resource can be found to a reasonable level.

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