Disciplinary cases/student complaints

This branch notes with great concern that the University of Birmingham is instigating and pursuing an increasing number of disciplinary cases against staff under the Ordinances based on student feedback and comments without any formal complaints from students. How to raise concerns and complaints is unambiguously set out in the Code of Practice on Student Concerns  and Complaints (SCC).

This branch regards the use of feedback and comments from students, either deposited anonymously, for example in Module Evaluation Questionnaires, or in person, for the instigation of staff disciplinary procedures, without any formal complaints as set out in the SCC Code, as a breach of trust and confidence.

This branch objects to the use of MEQ data in any disciplinary and complaints procedures – and notes the negative impact on equality.

This branch calls on the University of Birmingham to refrain from instigating disciplinary proceedings against staff under the Ordinances based on any student comments or feedback if no formal complaints have been filed and to adhere to the Code of Practice for Student Concerns and Complaints. This branch also calls on the University to immediately withdraw any such ongoing disciplinary cases.

Should the University not constructively engage with this resolution this branch instructs its negotiators to refrain from any further negotiations with the University until the above demands have been met to the satisfaction of the branch.

Resolution adopted 15 November 2017

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