After ’11*-or-you’re-out’… UoB now brings you ‘3.5-or-you’re-out!’

After BUCU’s successful campaign to reverse the University’s proposed ’11*-or-you’re-out’ method of assessing staff research performance, the College of Social Science now brings you ‘3.5-or-you’re-out’ teaching evaluation.

As many of you may have noticed, the University appears to be moving to standardised module evaluation questionnaires (MEQs) to assess teacher’s performance. Despite the highly questionable nature of this method of assessment, the College of Social Science has gone one step further, instructing academic staff that the new performance evaluation regime will witness:

“the cessation of contracts of PTVL’s and performance management of permanent staff with scores below 3.5 out of 5 unless there are clear extenuating circumstances.”

This is despite the University’s own Assistant Director of HR distancing himself from the performance evaluation regime. It is also despite the total absence of any consultation whatsover with BUCU. BUCU continues to reject this unilateral and non-negotiated imposition of performance management schemes that go beyond the existing negotiated Staff Development Review in staff contracts.

When questioned about this practice, the Head of College of Social Science stated that he understands BUCU’s position, but disagrees with it, and saw no need to ‘rehearse the same arguments’ again. This, despite his declared fondness for ‘genuine dialogue’.

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