AimWe seek reassurance from the University management that they will genuinely consult on ways to avoid the compulsory redundancies of the 20+ staff who are currently at risk, and which has triggered the current round of collective redundancy consultation.

University management response: This has been largely rejected on the grounds that there is no ‘collective business case’ to present, other than that external funding had run out.

BUCU verdict: We are concerned that this is contrary to employment law regarding the University’s obligation to consult with us in an attempt to avoid, reduce or mitigate the impact of redundancies.

Aim: All staff made compulsorily redundant should benefit from the same voluntary redundancy payment as that offered through the current Voluntary Leavers’ Scheme.

University management response: The affected staff members are entitled to apply to the Voluntary Leavers’ Scheme, although there are considerable conditions that would be applied when deciding whether the relevant staff will be provided with the VLS payment.

BUCU verdict: We welcome the fact that staff can apply for the VLS scheme, but we believe it would be far fairer to offer this as an enhanced redundancy payment that all staff made redundant are entitled to.