Performance management

This branch notes the welcome moves towards a more reasonable performance management policy at the University of Birmingham, and especially the adoption of the memorandum of understanding on performance management as agreed by BUCU and the University management earlier this year. The branch also notes, however, concerning reports by UCU members of ongoing arbitrary and potentially unreasonable decisions being made by the University senior management with regard to performance management. In order to respond to the potential that continues to exist for ongoing unreasonable practices to occur, the branch resolves to provide members who claim to be experiencing unreasonable treatment the option of having their case heard by an independent panel. This panel will be made up of 3 UCU members, at least one of whom will be a BUCU committee member. The panel will hear the allegations made by the member, interview each of the named witnesses and the person against whom the allegation is made, and then come to a conclusion in a report. This (anonymised) report will come to a conclusion regarding whether unreasonable management practice has occurred, recommend the actions that the branch should take in response, and be circulated to members for agreement at the next general members’ meeting.

27 November 2013



On 19 March 2014, the following amending resolution was adopted:

Resolution on internal BUCU review of performance management

This branch ratifies the decision of the BUCU committee to suspend the internal BUCU review procedure related to performance management, whilst BUCU enters into talks with the University management in an attempt to agree alternative ways through which to ensure that reasonable performance management practices continue to remain in place.

In the event of any threat of dismissal or change of contract being made against a branch member or officer whilst these talks are ongoing, the branch reserves the right to do whatever is within its means to support those individuals, including through publicity campaigns and the reinstatement of the review procedure.

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