Pay and casualisation

BUCU Anti Casualisation Working Group

University Policy on Fixed Term Contracts 2009 (extracts)

The University affirms its policy with regard to fixed term contracts is therefore:

a) to recognise, in accordance with the Fixed Term Work Regulations, that the usual arrangement between an employer and an employee should be on the basis of a permanent contract of employment

In 2003, 67% of the University’s staff were on permanent contracts and 33% on fixed term contracts. In 2009, 78% of staff are on permanent contracts and 22% on fixed term contracts.

In 2016 it was reported in the Guardian that UoB is the Russell Group Institute with the highest percentage of staff – 70% – on insecure contracts. Something is going very wrong.

UCU believes that high quality education and fair working conditions depend on contracts that give staff stability and continuity of employment. Casualisation is bad for staff and bad for education, yet it’s endemic in our colleges and universities.

Only pressure from BUCU can reverse this trend at UoB. Of late there have been some successes through representation at an individual level and BUCU is pushing Fixed Term Contracts on to the agenda with senior management.

Insecurity for one is insecurity for all. Join the BUCU Anti Casualisation Working Group and campaign for secure employment for all. Contact :