Workload negotiations 2022

As part of our ongoing negotiations over workload, which is part of the “4 Fights” national dispute, we have been trying to gain access to all University of Birmingham’s workload recognition models, so that we can enter into a proper negotiation over these important risk factors for staff at the University.

So far we have been refused access to the workload recognition models.

We have tried to make clear that the University must negotiate with us on workload; not least because it is an important Health and Safety factor, requiring proper consultation with the workforce and UCU representatives.

Unfortunately, the University’s senior leadership have taken the view that workload is not a Health and Safety matter, and have again refused to engage on these terms.

We have now written to the University to highlight this error, pointing out that the national Health and Safety Executive lists workload as the *first* example of potential risk factors for tackling work-related stress.

You can view our letter to the University management HERE.

The only reply we have so far had has been to say that the University management are “disappointed” with our letter, and subsequently cancelled a scheduled meeting on workload so that “all relevant parties can attend”.

We will keep you updated, but if you have any concerns about your workload, please contact us for advice:

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