Pay and equality ballot now open!

The national pay and equality dispute ballot is now open. Please keep an eye out for your ballot papers over the next few days. Please vote YES to strike action and YES to action short of a strike (ASOS) to give us a strong mandate to tackle declining pay value, shameful pay inequality and the scandal of casualisation.

Every vote counts

UCU must achieve a turnout of at least 50% before members are allowed to take lawful industrial action. To ensure we reach the 50% threshold please vote and post your ballots back as soon as possible.

What’s at stake for our members?

In the video above, Birmingham UCU President James Brackley explains why UCU is taking this action and why it’s essential we act together to make meaningful progress on fair pay, the gender pay gap, casualisation and excessive executive pay.

James highlights:

  • Negotiations broke down after employers made a below inflation pay offer of 2%, which members overwhelmingly rejected.
  • The University pays women approximately 20% less than men and women receive 66% less in bonuses than men at Birmingham.
  • UCU is asking for a pay increase of 7.5% and a minimum of £1500 for members on the lowest incomes. This increase is needed to help our members start to recover from years of below inflation pay settlements. (Since 2009, members have seen their pay decrease by 21% in real terms.)

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