Equalities issues

Aim: We seek greater clarity and action from the University management on how they will avoid the risk of discrimination arising from the re-opening of campus, and associated “Resilience plans”, with particular focus on BAME/Black members and women.

University management response: No special measures will be put in place regarding health and safety for Black/BAME staff. To do so would be ‘paternalistic’. The University management do agree that there might be a gendered impact on staff arising from Covid-19, for instance in terms of promotions, and have included awareness of this in the promotions guidelines recently released. The University might consider an equality impact assessment.

BUCU verdict: To do nothing on Black/BAME members ignores the disproportionate impact of Covid-19. Awareness of gender implications is promising, but we need more than warm words. An equality impact assessment would be more reassuring.